Energy update from source energy

Hello beautiful soul!


Moving into march, source wants us to focus on balance. Be intentional with your work time, and when you aren’t working lean into PLAY. Let everything leave your mind and give yourself time to be.

We aren’t here to just work. We are here to experience life and without leaving time to play you can’t do that fully.

Source is asking us to let go of the grip. Your hard work is showing, but you only can move forward so much when you don’t allow the FLOW.

To step into the flow of life you have to LET GO.

Bringing in your passions, activities that light you up, or whatever allows you to take your mind off work.

This same concept applies for manifestation.

Letting go is a huge part of the process. When you are thinking about how badly you want something, you are forcing the energy and only moving it farther away.

It is your time to RELAX.

Let go and BREATHE.

Do the work and trust that what is meant for you, won’t miss you.

For this week remind yourself, balance is everything.

Lean into PLAY.

Get a list going of what feels good to you. Don’t judge any of it!

Maybe it’s going for a hike, going to a dance class, maybe it’s learning how to cook, maybe it’s painting, taking long walks, listening to music, watching your favorite tv show, whatever it is it doesn’t matter as long as you let go.

Remember what is meant for you, won’t miss you.

There’s never a rush.

Do the work and let go.

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Lastly, Source wants us to know this is a powerful time to manifest and to step into your dream life. Manifestations are happening fast, when you allow the flow you will move forward faster than ever before.

As Always, Choose to live EMpowered.

-Emma xo


Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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