These readings are perfect for you if you have a couple questions you would like some guidance/ clarity on.

Whether it’s around purpose, career, family, relationships, health, self love and more- a reading can address any or more of those.

During the reading, you will receive intuitive and psychic information that your soul needs to hear. You will also receive tools you can use everyday to make positive shifts in your life.

Duration: 30 minutes

Investment: $77

These sessions are about making the biggest impact in your life. Whether you are looking for career success, more financial abundance, incredible relationships, loving yourself, healing an illness, healing mental health issues or connecting to your purpose. A private session can address all of that!

Sessions may include- an energetic healing: chakra boosting, dark energy removal, cord cutting, body healing and more.

Duration: one hour

Investment: $250

(After booking any session you will receive an email to set up the time.)

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