Journal prompts for inner child healing

Hello beautiful soul!! When it comes to healing or doing any sort of inner work, inner child healing is normally the one we skip. It brings up deep feelings that we hide within ourselves. It can show up in so many ways in our lives if we don’t begin to start doing the work. SoContinue reading “Journal prompts for inner child healing”


journal prompts for owning who you are

Hello beautiful soul!! This weeks prompts are on owning who you are. Every single thing about you is perfect and you were created exactly how you were supposed to be. Everything you think is wrong with you or you feel should be different is what makes you, you. What do you think is “wrong” withContinue reading “journal prompts for owning who you are”

journal prompts for being present

Hello beautiful soul!! This weeks prompts are on how to be present and why it is so important. When you are able to be present, number one you are fully living your life. Number two, you are seeing what is happening for you. What do I mean by seeing what is happening for you? WhenContinue reading “journal prompts for being present”

journal prompts for regret

Hello beautiful soul!! This weeks prompt is for diving into regret. Everything that we do or don’t do happens for a reason. Before we dive in, take a deep breath in and start this with a loving energy for yourself. You are doing the best you can with what you know. and you are alwaysContinue reading “journal prompts for regret”

Energy Update from source energy

Hi beautiful soul! (5/24/21-5/30/21) There is a powerful super full moon eclipse coming in this week. This is a powerful time of activation and awakening and may bring up many emotions that you don’t understand. Or make you feel like you are going backwards. Source wants you to hear this: These emotions are your messagesContinue reading “Energy Update from source energy”

EMpowered Body Series/RIGHT SIDE OF THE BODY

The universe speaks to us in so many ways. Using the body is just one way to better understand yourself and how to live an EMpowered Life. So what do I mean by this?? Everything that happens to your body can be decoded and can help you live your best life. Please note/ the universeContinue reading “EMpowered Body Series/RIGHT SIDE OF THE BODY”

journal prompts for connecting to your purpose

Hi beautiful soul! Purpose can be filled with so much pressure. If you are reading this, you may feel like you don’t have one or that there is nothing unique about you. I want you to know you are so unique and there is no one else like you. The universe and your higher powerContinue reading “journal prompts for connecting to your purpose”

Energy update from source energy

Hello Beautiful Soul! Here is an energy update for the week( 05/17/21-05/23/21): We are energetic souls living a human experience. This means it’s important to find the balance between the energetic and physical. Everything in life always has balance. The dark and light. The good and bad. All are equally as important. This week focusContinue reading “Energy update from source energy”

journal prompts for resentment

Hello beautiful soul! This weeks journal prompts are all on resentment and how to start releasing it from your body. If you do hold onto a lot from the past and feel resentment, first know that it is okay. Don’t feel any shame for it. You are holding onto it for a reason and nowContinue reading “journal prompts for resentment”

Energy Update from source energy

Hello Beautiful soul! (5/10/21-05/16/21) This weeks channeled download from source energy: You are never alone. The universe is always here with you and here to guide you. You may feel lost. You may feel stuck. You may feel alone. You may feel like your desires are too far away. You may feel like there’s noContinue reading “Energy Update from source energy”