Hi beauties!! Here are 10 ways to stay high vibe xoxo Put yourself FIRST. (no that’s not selfish.) Hangout with people who support you and make you feel GOOD. Drink water. ( water has a very high frequency and helps move energy.) Move your body! Workout, take a walk, dance around or do whatever feelsContinue reading “10 WAYS TO STAY HIGH VIBE”


Re-connect to your heart.

Hello beautiful soul, Full transparency here, This past week I have felt every single emotion possible. With the full moon and a new month here all the energy came in HOT. I felt happiness, freedom, self love, abundant and I also felt very sad, blocked and confused. All in the same week, even day! I’mContinue reading “Re-connect to your heart.”

Top Manifestation Tip!!

If you really want something right now, this is for you. this works for anything!! Relationships, careers, money … literally anything The more you WANT it, the more you are actually pushing it away. When your energy is in a stage of wanting something, you are putting out the energy that you don’t have enough.Continue reading “Top Manifestation Tip!!”