Journal prompts for inner child healing

Hello beautiful soul!! When it comes to healing or doing any sort of inner work, inner child healing is normally the one we skip. It brings up deep feelings that we hide within ourselves. It can show up in so many ways in our lives if we don’t begin to start doing the work. SoContinue reading “Journal prompts for inner child healing”


journal prompts for regret

Hello beautiful soul!! This weeks prompt is for diving into regret. Everything that we do or don’t do happens for a reason. Before we dive in, take a deep breath in and start this with a loving energy for yourself. You are doing the best you can with what you know. and you are alwaysContinue reading “journal prompts for regret”

journal prompts for connecting to your purpose

Hi beautiful soul! Purpose can be filled with so much pressure. If you are reading this, you may feel like you don’t have one or that there is nothing unique about you. I want you to know you are so unique and there is no one else like you. The universe and your higher powerContinue reading “journal prompts for connecting to your purpose”

journal prompts for resentment

Hello beautiful soul! This weeks journal prompts are all on resentment and how to start releasing it from your body. If you do hold onto a lot from the past and feel resentment, first know that it is okay. Don’t feel any shame for it. You are holding onto it for a reason and nowContinue reading “journal prompts for resentment”

journal prompts for triggers

Hello beautiful soul! The word triggers or feeling triggered is commonly used. Everyone is constantly feeling triggered, and that is not a bad thing! Triggers revealed what is ready to be healed. The next time you feel triggered, take a deep breath and remember it’s just something inside yourself ready to come up. Here’s someContinue reading “journal prompts for triggers”

journal prompts for healing your heart

Hello Beautiful Soul! Healing your heart and holding gratitude is the most important steps to living freely. It is also a key step in manifesting. When you can be grateful for where you are, the universe can feel that and sends you more of what you are vibrating out. Here are some prompts to helpContinue reading “journal prompts for healing your heart”

journal prompts for physical and emotional healing

Hello beautiful soul! Healing can feel invasive, uncomfortable and is probably the last thing anyone wants to start. But on the other side once you press through you will feel such a weight lifted off your shoulders. To begin, look at where you are. How are you feeling? What has your life been like? TakeContinue reading “journal prompts for physical and emotional healing”

journal prompts for allowing

Hello beautiful soul! Fully allowing yourself to be you, no matter what stage you are in or no matter how you are feeling is a deep practice. Allowing yourself to feel is a deep practice. Here are some prompts to come back to when you are ready to fully allow: Before you start I wantContinue reading “journal prompts for allowing”

journal prompts for navigating

Hello beautiful soul! Navigating your next steps can feel complicated. There can be a lot of pressure to choose to right one. Here’s the thing, there is no way you will ever mess it up. You are always guided to where your soul needs to be. Here are some prompts to help you feel goodContinue reading “journal prompts for navigating”

journal prompts for relationships

Hello beautiful soul! Relationships are our biggest teachers and bring out everything that we need to heal. (This applies to any relationship, friendships or with family) Sometimes it’s easier to blame the other person or relationship, but in order to grow we have to take the person out of the equation. It isn’t really everContinue reading “journal prompts for relationships”