Let’s normalize healing.

Healing doesn’t mean you are flawed. It doesn’t mean you aren’t enough. It means you are able to take your life into your own hands. You are able to take your own power back. Healing is living in alignment Healing is breaking your family patterns Healing is living your souls purpose. It all starts withContinue reading “Let’s normalize healing.”

Releasing Beliefs

How do you know what beliefs to release? Start by checking in on the WHY behind them. Did someone give you them? or are they your own? Prompts to use- What beliefs are mine? Ask yourself what your truth is. Check for a feeling! Where did your beliefs start? How are they currently serving me?Continue reading “Releasing Beliefs”

How to reprogram your brain.

Hello Beautiful Souls! You may have seen before that in order to change your life it starts with your mindset. But how do you change your mindset? Neuroplasticity and re-wiring the brain. When you hear someone say it’s time to re-write your story this is the science behind that! In order to rewrite your story,Continue reading “How to reprogram your brain.”