How to use where we are FOR GOOD.

Hello beautiful souls!! Looking at this past year It might be hard for some to think of all the good that is being presented to us. Yes there is a lot of darkness, but in order to grow we need to bring out the dark. Just like when we do shadow work, we have toContinue reading “How to use where we are FOR GOOD.”

Ever feel like there’s something missing? Read this!

Do you ever feel unfulfilled? Or do you ever feel like there is something more? That’s because you may not be living your soul contract. Your soul and your higher self made a soul contract before you came to earth. What does that mean? Your soul has a unique mission and purpose. If you don’tContinue reading “Ever feel like there’s something missing? Read this!”

The Great Conjunction

If you don’t already know here is the gist of what is happening right now in the universe!! On a astrological level/ Saturn the planet that rules responsibility and limitation will be in .1 degree of Jupiter the planet that rules expansion and abundance This only happens every 400 years! Today and the next tenContinue reading “The Great Conjunction”

What frequency are you living at?

Hello beautiful soul! What frequency you vibrate at will determine what you attract in your day to day life. What that means is what you are thinking about and holding onto will determine the life you live! If you are manifesting a big dream or wanting more out of life, adding in ways to boostContinue reading “What frequency are you living at?”

change is happening all around you.

Today’s blog is a message from the angels. If you are reading this message, this was channeled for your soul to hear. change is happening all around you. change may bring discomfort or confusion. change may bring up many emotions. many emotions you haven’t wanted to feel. With change comes your next level self. ToContinue reading “change is happening all around you.”

The more you search the less you are seeing what you have now.

The universe is never in a rush. Everything is always always always on time. What makes us feel like we are behind? Our ego self. Our ego makes us feel like we should be doing more or that we should be farther. When really we are exactly where we are supposed to be. The moreContinue reading “The more you search the less you are seeing what you have now.”

The next time you feel behind, I want you to remind yourself there is no rush.

Hello Beautiful Souls! Yesterday I was driving on the freeway and I noticed 3 trucks pass me. They were being pretty aggressive so I just let them speed and try to get around. All 3 trucks ended up getting stuck behind an 18 wheeler and they couldn’t get around it. Within a few minutes IContinue reading “The next time you feel behind, I want you to remind yourself there is no rush.”

love it before you leave it

Hello Beautiful Souls! A common theme in my life and many of my clients has been asking the question, “When do I leave?” Whether it’s a job, relationship, a move, or anything before you leave anything, you have to love it. Here’s what I mean by that- When you leave something unfinished or on aContinue reading “love it before you leave it”

3 ways to re-align trust with the universe and be present.

Hello beautiful souls and happy friday!! For todays blog I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about, nothing was coming up for me. So I asked my guides what message to talk about, and I heard very clearly “Present moment”. Being present can be difficult, and is something I still am working on! ItContinue reading “3 ways to re-align trust with the universe and be present.”

What does “waking up” mean?

Hello beautiful soul! You may have seen the term awakening or waking up before, especially now. I wanted to do a blog talking about what it means to wake up. What does “waking up” mean? It means uncovering the parts of you that society put on you. It means discovering the soul you were createdContinue reading “What does “waking up” mean?”