Intro to Intuition

We all have intuition, we just have to learn how to tap back in.

During this drop in class you will learn how to :

•understand the basics of intuition

•tap into your first type of intuition

•learn how to protect your energy

Signs that you’re an intuitive:

You feel everything on a deep level.

You are a natural healer.

You think about something right as it happens.

You always know what advice to give.

You have social anxiety.

Why taping into your intuition will change your life:

•It allows you to take away the guessing game.
•Using your intuition everyday aligns you with your soul path.
•it gives you your power back.

Living intuitively guides you to your soul path and the reason your soul was created.

When is this drop in class? December 27th, 7-8PM EST.

Where is the place? on zoom!

Investment: $33

*You will be sent the zoom link the morning of the drop in class*

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