Journal prompts for the end of the year.

Hello Beautiful Souls!! Last blog of 2020… which is insane.. I want you to take this time to reflect, release and set intentions Remember, the moment you shift your energy that is when true change happens. PROMPTS / REFLECT/ What went well this year? What did this year teach you? How did you grow? HowContinue reading “Journal prompts for the end of the year.”

New Year, New Me.

Hello Beautiful Souls!! I can’t believe it’s already the end of the year. I know a new year can bring excitement and for some it can be stressful. Which is why I created this blog to share a different perspective. You may want to change everything and all of a sudden become a “new” person.Continue reading “New Year, New Me.”

The Great Conjunction

If you don’t already know here is the gist of what is happening right now in the universe!! On a astrological level/ Saturn the planet that rules responsibility and limitation will be in .1 degree of Jupiter the planet that rules expansion and abundance This only happens every 400 years! Today and the next tenContinue reading “The Great Conjunction”

change is happening all around you.

Today’s blog is a message from the angels. If you are reading this message, this was channeled for your soul to hear. change is happening all around you. change may bring discomfort or confusion. change may bring up many emotions. many emotions you haven’t wanted to feel. With change comes your next level self. ToContinue reading “change is happening all around you.”

Sometimes we are guided to another path and that is okay.

Hello Beautiful Souls! This topic is something I struggled with for a while and I know I’m not alone with this. For me, growing up I always wanted to have a plan and have everything all figured out. But sometimes that doesn’t happen. Not knowing what’s next is OKAY. Sometimes that “plan” doesn’t work out.Continue reading “Sometimes we are guided to another path and that is okay.”

love it before you leave it

Hello Beautiful Souls! A common theme in my life and many of my clients has been asking the question, “When do I leave?” Whether it’s a job, relationship, a move, or anything before you leave anything, you have to love it. Here’s what I mean by that- When you leave something unfinished or on aContinue reading “love it before you leave it”