EMpowered Body Series/ GUMS

The universe speaks to us in so many ways. Using the body is just one way to better understand yourself and how to live an EMpowered Life. So what do I mean by this?? Everything that happens to your body can be decoded and can help you live your best life. Please note/ the universeContinue reading “EMpowered Body Series/ GUMS”


journal prompts for allowing

Hello beautiful soul! Fully allowing yourself to be you, no matter what stage you are in or no matter how you are feeling is a deep practice. Allowing yourself to feel is a deep practice. Here are some prompts to come back to when you are ready to fully allow: Before you start I wantContinue reading “journal prompts for allowing”

journal prompts for expansion

Hello beautiful soul! We are all here to grow. Every single one of us is here for a reason, and if we are not growing then we aren’t living the life we were created to LIVE. Expanding can feel uncomfortable, but once you move through it it will make you stronger than ever. Here areContinue reading “journal prompts for expansion”

journal prompts for when you are feeling stuck

Hello beautiful soul! I know that feeling stuck can feel very defeating. However, there’s actually a lot of good that comes from this. Feeling stuck can bring you clarity on what you want and don’t want. All it takes is shifting your perspective! Here are some prompts to help you: What is making me feelContinue reading “journal prompts for when you are feeling stuck”

journal prompts for releasing beliefs

Hello beautiful soul! If you have never worked on rewriting your beliefs this is the perfect blog for you. When we are kids all our our beliefs are being formed, from our parents, school, media and society. It is now up to us to rewrite them and choose how we want to feel and showContinue reading “journal prompts for releasing beliefs”

New Year, New Me.

Hello Beautiful Souls!! I can’t believe it’s already the end of the year. I know a new year can bring excitement and for some it can be stressful. Which is why I created this blog to share a different perspective. You may want to change everything and all of a sudden become a “new” person.Continue reading “New Year, New Me.”

Releasing Beliefs

How do you know what beliefs to release? Start by checking in on the WHY behind them. Did someone give you them? or are they your own? Prompts to use- What beliefs are mine? Ask yourself what your truth is. Check for a feeling! Where did your beliefs start? How are they currently serving me?Continue reading “Releasing Beliefs”

journal prompts for getting to know who you are.

Getting to know yourself on a deeper level will change your life. Start to date yourself. // What is my favorite thing to do? What is something you couldn’t imagine living without? What do you love about yourself? What makes you feel safe? When do you feel the most like yourself? If you could beContinue reading “journal prompts for getting to know who you are.”

2 ways to boost your self image!

Hi beautiful soul!! Here are 2 ways to boost your self image daily! 1.MIRROR WORK / Looking at yourself either using your phone or directly in the mirror and saying I LOVE YOU. This one will feel awkward and uncomfortable at first but overtime will get easier. Some emotions may come up doing this oneContinue reading “2 ways to boost your self image!”

Stop waiting for perfect

Hi beautiful soul!! I know we all want everything to be perfect before starting. BUT here’s the thing, nothing will ever be perfect. AND THAT IS OK. What is perfect anyway? There is no such thing as perfect. It is just a belief we have programmed within us to believe. Don’t let the fear ofContinue reading “Stop waiting for perfect”